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The web is a new platform to reach out to users and get seen all over the world.

Availability and VisibilityYour ad will be made available to users 24x7. Ads are strategically placed to get you the highest visibility.

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All ad's can be linked to your website, if you have one. Or if you'd like a website to be created, you can get in touch with us.

Type of ads:

Banners: Visible on our home page. We place only a maximum of 3 banners on our homepage slideshow so as to guarantee you visibility by users.

Banners can also be placed on a particular product page.

Featured Products: We place a maximum of 4 featured products on our homepage at a given time.

Brand Logo's: Visible on our homepage. Helps your brand to stand out.

Retail/Wholesalers: A custom search portal helps users find your shop and get in touch with you directly.

Contact us for rates and any queries that you may have.