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Find all of Goa's alcohol prices in one place. Here at Goa Liquor Bazaar, we strongly believe in consumer rights and welfare. Hence we have a created a database of various alcohol and liquor products from all around the world along with their MRP's (Maximum Retail Price).
Never pay more than the MRP.
Incase you are not able to locate a particular alcohol brand of your choice in Goa, drop us a mail or contact us at the numbers given below.
We have a database of every alcohol product available in Goa along with their price, give us a call and we'll locate the particular brand for you.

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Using our experience and deep knowledge of the alcohol/liquor industry, we can help you with all the legalities to get your liquor license smoothly, without having to go through any hassles.
We will guide you through every step in the process of acquiring a license and solve any queries that you may have.
We will also help you with the branding and marketing of your company and it's products.

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The alcohol prices change every financial year. Any changes made to the MRP's in the new financial year will be updated accordingly.

We do not guarantee the accuracy of the prices mentioned on this site.

We do not promote the consumption of alcohol and we do not sell any of the alcoholic products listed here on this site.